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Empowering Lives through Connectivity

What's new

Our vision

In the past 40 years, the evolution of mobile network has generated new services that we have never imagined. Today, 5G is changing the world, accelerating the social and business transformation.
As we step into the "beyond 5G" era where the physical and digital world becomes one, NEC aims to lead the way in empowering lives through connectivity.

Empowering Lives through Connectivity


What We Do

  • 5G Solution Overview

    NEC has become synonymous with open, high performance, innovative 5G network integrator and has proven its capabilities to integrate complex multi-vendor end-to-end 5G ecosystems, comprised of its own cutting-edge products and best-in-class products from the industry's leading partners. This end-to-end 5G network infrastructure includes RAN, core network, transport, Orchestrator/Marketplace(BSS) and integration services.

2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for 5G

NEC Open RAN Center of Excellence (CoE)


Product & Solution Portfolio

Use Cases

5G Co-Creation Initiatives

Interview with Telefonica

Interview with Telkom

Dutch medical center

5G boosts unmanned remote construction

Rakuten Mobile

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