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Moving ahead in the New Normal

Regardless of age or nationality, people around the world are grappling with the COVID-19 crisis. We currently face a "New Normal," which requires us to rethink our values and society as a whole. This New Normal is accelerating society's digital shift in three ways: "lifestyle", "work style" and "business style." It is critical now more than ever for businesses and society to undergo a digital transformation as soon as possible. Together we can tackle this great challenge by embracing digital technologies to create a more sustainable society for the benefit of humanity.

Insight from our global customers and our accumulated experience have helped us define the four key areas necessary for a successful digital transformation to take place in the age of the New Normal.


Remote Working style equivalent to a face-to-face interaction


Trust in a digital society through transparency and visibility


Safety, security and efficiency with touchless solutions


Operational efficiency with automation by AI and ICT technologies

Paradigm Shift During and Post COVID-19

Societies are in a transition phase into the New Normal era. Being restricted from non-essential travels, avoiding the 3C's (closed spaces, crowded places and close-contacts) also known as "social distancing", and witnessing fundamental changes to our social values and behaviors. These preventive measures to curb the spread of infections has triggered a sudden paradigm shift in our everyday life including our lifestyle, work style and business style alike.

Work styles will shift towards remote working becoming the standard practice. Business styles are likely to shift more to the online arena in order to overcome locational and time barriers. As for lifestyle, the demand for higher degrees of safety such as touchless operations for infection preventions and post-infection tracing to prevent outbreaks will become a part of our daily life.

Furthermore, companies will face the urgency of remaining open or resuming business whilst preparing for the future requiring automated operations and reduced workforce. For corporate survival, reforms must be made from the management level leading to operational procedures and digital utilization becoming ever critical than the past. Ensuring the safety and security of the work spaces both physically where people meet in person and the transparency and data visibility from the system perspective becomes more essential due to the increase in operated systems and the data volume increase coming from recent digitalization.

As for lifestyle, with people demanding higher degrees safety such as touchless operations to prevent infections, and post-infection tracing to prevent further outbreaks will become a part of daily life. Also, to ensure the safety and security of the work spaces where people meet in person and of the ever-increasing systems and data due to digitalization, transparency and data visibility are crucial.

Steps to Attain DX During and Post COVID-19

In the wake of these rapid changes, it will become increasingly important for us to make accurate predictions and take action proactively, flexibly and swiftly. For companies that have been undergoing digital transformation, the New Normal is accelerating adoption of the digital transformation in all areas possible.

By accurately understanding the social issues and requirements, NEC remains committed to working with our customers in further leveraging the power of ICT to help everyone attain their business goals and provide value to society in the Post COVID-19 era.

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